Seattle Polish Film Festival Program

Balancing tradition and elegance

The Seattle Polish Film Festival comprises a wide range of events spread out over two weeks: feature films, short and animated film showcases, parties, and live Q&As with special guests. The content ranges from drab comedies to celebratory coming of age tales to psycho thrillers and everything in between. Because of this, it was imperative to me to develop a visual language that felt modular and bold.

Seattle Polish Film Festival program special events spread explaining the unique gatherings and parties hosted by the festival


I wanted to focus heavily on storytelling through layouts and a cohesive typographic system. Many of my choices drew from my research on Polish design history.

I utilized the dramatic tones and somber moods of much Polish design to capture the feelings of these films. For the typography, I used Lato (by Ɓukasz Dziedzic ) and Oswald (by Vernon Adams). Lato - a modern, Polish Sans-Serif with a soft, yet present character - was chosen for the subheadlines and body copy. Oswald was used as a complimentary typeface, primarily used for headlines and titles.

Seattle Polish Film Festival program excerpt demonstrating the typographic decisions made in the program

Feature Films

Each feature film layout is slightly different. The constants in the system are bold, stark film titles with secondary translations; body copy in columns of varying widths; and images to capture the tone of each film.

Seattle Polish Film Festival layouts for feature films; ex. Loving Vincent, Eccentrics on the Sunny Side of the Street, and Cursed
Seattle Polish Film Festival layouts for feature films; ex. Karbala, Humble Servants, and The Art of Loving Seattle Polish Film Festival layouts for feature films; ex. The Reconciliation, A Simple Story About Murder, and The Last Family


The festival held several short film showcases and one comprehensive animation showcase this year. In order to distinguish the events, I treated them differently than the feature films. While each feature film was given a unique representation, I wanted to capture the overall tone and feeling of the showcases.

Seattle Polish Film Festival layouts for short film showcase Seattle Polish Film Festival layouts for animated film showcase

Special Guests

It was very important to the festival organizers that the special guests be recognized in the program. The guests include producers, directors, musicians, and actors and actresses.

Seattle Polish Film Festival layouts for credits and thank yous

Thank you.