Project Focus Category Tone
Sound Transit Rebrand Brand Identity
Public Service Accessible

A cohesive rebranding of the Seattle area’s public transit system. We created an identity system that relied on graphics, color blocking, typography, and seamless wayfinding to offer users an accessible, delightful experience. It was imperative to us that this system be universal and useful to anyone, regardless of their background or experience. View Project.

Distant Star Brand Identity
Arts Festival Cathartic

Distant Star is an annual science fiction film and techno music festival for people drawn to both worlds. The festival is a place for participants to release and feel comfortable in their bodies and lives. Distant Star comprises film screenings, live scores performed to science fiction classics, and evening raves into the early hours of the morning. View Project.

Art Direction
Publication Tranquil

STANDARDS is a quarterly print magazine looking into the particulars of people and their work. Each issue explores a different career or trade. The magazine ruminates on labor, dedication to skill, and what makes people want to wake up and hone their craft every day. For the Summer 2018 issue, STANDARDS examined the patient world of beekeeping. View Project.

History of Synths Web Design
Art Direction
Sound Design
Interactive Website Playful

History of Synths is an interactive website laying out the story of these dynamic instruments. Our site is meant to educate and delight the user, acquainting them with these machines through story and sound. Each synth described is accompanied by a description and audio sample. Certain synthesizers are described in greater detail with interactive illustrations. View Project.

SPFF Program Layout
Film Festival Formal

The Seattle Polish Film Festival is an annual festival celebrating the work of Polish filmmakers, actors, producers, and artists. For their 25th year and celebration, they were looking to rebrand with the intetion of attracting new film fans, while respecting their dedicated fanbase in the Polish community. View Project