Scott Sanders is a designer and person living in New York City. Empathy and communication are paramount. Thanks for taking the time., +1 858 964 8254

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(1.) To use design as a tool to facilitate deeper and more empathetic communication between people, regardless of cultural background or economic experience.
(2.) To work, learn, and collaborate with a dedicated group of people using design to facilitate and realize the work and ideas of clients in the public and private sector.

The Black Lodge, Bridge Initiative, Facebook, Keds, GARDENS, Holly Herdnon, Industrial Strength Records, New York University, Parley, Prada, Rara for Reform, Red Bull Music Academy, Reebok, Seattle Artist Auction, Sonar Music Festival

Graphic Designer 2020 ● Once-Future Office
Junior Graphic Designer 2019-2020 ● JOAN Creative
Production Designer 2018The New York Public Library
Graphic Design Intern 2017 ● Artist Trust Seattle
Editorial Designer 2017 ● Seattle Polish Film Festival

* SCCA 2016-2018 ● AA in Graphic Design
** SFSU 2009-2014 ● B.A. Communication Studies

Suisse Int'l by Swiss Typefaces
Site coded by hand with HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Endless gratitude to those that love and support me. Endless gratitude to the people that share their time with me. ● Aashish GadaniAmy HarringtonAnna AtiaginaAnthony ZukofskyArchie Lee Coates IV and Playlab, Inc.Ashe Kilbournere Becca Patrick ● Brett Dorren ● Christie O'loughlinCollin StrangeDavid BjellandDavid Yun and Wax Studios ● Devin Dotson ● Drianne LaliberteDungjai Pungauthaikan and Nikki Chung of Once-Future OfficeEfe UlucayElana SassonErik FadimanFabricio TeixeiraFaire ProjectsGonzalo HerguetaHana HaberHannah LewmanIsabel Blue ● James Mason ● Jamie Sanders ● Jayce, Margo, Milan, Rhett, Ron, Sienna, Shelly and Taryn Gardener ● Jill Vartenigian ● Jim Sanders ● Joel EveyJoel SouthJordan AlperJulia KowalskiJulia RunderbergJulia Standley PradhanJustin AvKatie PersichilliKen Meier and Common NameKirk DamerLaura Lepre ● Melissa Sanders ● Mica GallinoMorey TalmorNick FogartyNhu' ÝNicole KimNo IdeasPaolo Chacollathe PQ Family ● Sean KellysecondnatureSharon GongSonia SearsTaylor FranklinWanda Bertramthe Winston Boys ● and ● XXIX.


*Seattle Central Creative Academy

**San Francisco State University